Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Starbuck VIA vs. Nescafe Clasico

Instant Starbucks, I thought I would never see the day. Well VIA is here and a whole new world is opened up to me. I went into my local Starbucks, which is like the modern day version of Cheers (you know the place where everyone knows your name). I went in to have my usual cup of black coffee and low and behold there it was calling out to me like a candle in the window on a cold dark winters night. I however was not sold on this idea, really instant coffee, which tastes good. So the superhero behind the counter offered to save the day and let me try a cup for free, so I said yes. The next few moments sent me on a journey that would change my coffee passion forever. I watched the black apron wonder open a package, pour its contents into a cup, add water, and then in his words of wisdom “stir gently”. I walked away and with the first taste I wasn’t sure, so I tried it again… after a few more tries I found the cup empty and myself wanting more. I am usually a two to three (8oz) cup of coffee drinker in the mornings. I went back for seconds and when I saw the price I about fell over, $2.95 for 3 packages what a rip off! I know that is only a dollar a cup, but it’s instant coffee. So I ordered my normal and walked home with a mission to find out if other instant coffee was just as good, and more importantly could I find it cheaper.
A few days later I went to Walmart and selected Nescafe Clasico, which was only a dollar for 8 cups. I ran across the parking lot to Starbucks and picked up a package of Colombian roast VIA. I rushed home, obeying all the laws of course… and fired up the electric kettle with great excitement. I put the cups side by side and examined the two competitors. The Starbucks opened like a dream, however the “micro-ground” coffee was difficult to get into my cup, and took almost 30 seconds to get all of it out. The powder was dark and smelled like fresh ground coffee. The Nescafe was not hard at all to get out of the package at all. I opened and poured it in no problems. The Nescafe was more corse and lighter in color with an almost sweet smell. The water came to a boil and then I poured in the water and “stirred gently” (thank you my Hero of the morning). I walked away and had Paige (my wife) mix up the cups and then I walked up with my eyes closed and felt around for the first cup. I first brought it to my nose and inhaled deeply (unlike our former president) then I took a drink, it was satisfying. Then I tasted the other the same way. The second was very different, not horrible, just different. I knew which was which with out being told the first was the VIA and the second the Nescafe. I walked to the coffee table with both cups and started my blog. I was up and down putting my oldest son down for his afternoon nap. I was upstairs when it dawned on me of how clean the Nescafe finished, it was almost none existent just a sweet coffee after taste. I came back downstairs and took a big drink of both coffees.

Could it be, I liked the Nescafe just as much as the VIA? Yes! Now, If you like Starbucks then you will enjoy the VIA very much. It tastes just like you got it from the shop, so good job to those coffee scientist there in the Sirens secret underground lair. You did it! Starbucks anywhere you go that has hot water and a cup. For only a dollar a cup, that is far cheaper than having your personal assistant fly the jet to Seattle for that awesome taste. However, if you are one of those people that just wants a cup of coffee and you do not have to have Starbucks. The Nescafe Clasico is a good cup of coffee and is so much cheaper.